Social Platforms

Facebook Platform

Publish posts on the following:

  • Facebook Pages and Groups
  • Stories, Reels, and Personal Profiles require a Postly mobile app to process the post.

    YouTube Platform

    Grow your audience on YouTube:

    • Publish video posts and YouTube Shorts
    • Publish on your channels and channels you manage

    Instagram Platform

    Publish posts on the following:

    • Instagram Posts, Stories and Reels.
    • Personal Profiles and Creator accounts require a Postly mobile app to process the post.

      Twitter Platform

      Grow your Twitter audience with Postly

      • Publish Tweets, Threads, and Polls
      • Auto-generate Threads
      • Tag users

      Reddit Platform

      Grow your audience on Reddit:

      • Publish posts
      • Publish to your personal profile and subreddits.

      Pinterest Platform

      Grow your business audience on Pinterest:

      • Publish posts
      • Manage your Boards
      • Manage your Pins

      Google My Business Platform

      You can publish:

      • One image at a time
      • You cannot publish videos at this time.

      TikTok Platform

      Grow your TikTok audience via Postly. 
      • Publish Videos content
      • TikTok does not accept direct publishing from the web at the moment. 

      LinkedIn Platform

      You can publish:

      • LinkedIn personal profile and Pages
      • Posts and Polls.
      • Does not support PDF

      WordPress Platform

      Grow your Blog via Postly. You can publish:
      • Blogs to your WordPress
      • supports only for now

      Telegram Platform

      You can publish on Telegram Groups and Channels 
      • Publish Images and Videos
      • Each file size should not exceed 50MB
      • Publish up to 10 Images

      Official APIs

      Postly uses the official API and best practices for all social platforms. Rest assured there wouldn’t be any issues as long as you comply with the posting limits and other social compliance requirements.

      Content Publishing

      Write once, publish everywhere

      Write once, and publish on all the best social platforms. Auto-generated Twitter Threads, IG Carousels and Reels, Polls, Link Preview, and a lot more.

      Recurring Posts

      Set up your evergreen content to publish for as long as you want.

      • Normal recurring posts (Twitter excluded)
      • Spintax recurring posts – with AI ReWriter to re-write your content for every post. (Twitter included) – coming soon.

      Smart Polls

      Publish quick smart Polls. Available on the following platforms:

      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn

      Trends for You

      View content trends and gain insights about what to post.

      • Customize this based on locations

      Days for You

      View content trends and gain insights about what to post.

      • Customize this based on locations


      You can tag people, pages, and brands.

      • Available on Instagram and Twitter only.
      •  Look out for the @ icon on the Preview pages and click on it to tag.


      Previews show how posts will look on selected platforms.

      • Manage media (add or edit text, image, video).
      • Manage and Auto fix faulty images.
      • Manage Twitter threads.

      Reschedule Failed Posts

      You can reschedule a post to failed target platforms with a few clicks, without having to recreate the post content afresh.

      Link Preview

      • The Link Preview is enabled on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram.
      • Link Preview does not display on Shortened Links, this is because such links are routed via the Link Shortener server.

      Pause Campaigns and Posts

      You can pause all your campaigns (check the Workspace Settings page for the control as well as pausing a specific post is possible as well.

      Approval Workflow, Tools and Integrations

      AI Writer

      Generate quality content, and publish faster with AI Writer.

      AI Art

      Quality AI Image Generator.
      Text to image!

      Hashtag Generator

      Generate quality Hashtags for your social media campaigns.

      Blog Writer

      Write better blogs, faster with AI Blog Writer

      Digital Ad

      Generate quality Digital Ads, and publish faster.

      Sales Copy

      Generate quality Sales Copies for your business.

      Team Collaboration

      Shared Workspaces

      Set up your teams and clients. Have fun brainstorming and collaborating with your teams and clients in drafting, reviewing approving, and publishing the posts together.


      Consider this as a page where you connect your social platforms and publish content.

      The best practice is to allocate one Workspace per team, brand, or client. This way each one can work in a secure private environment. They can also review and approve the posts before being published.

      Approval Workflow

      Get your posts pre-approved by your Management team or Clients before publishing.

      Image Editor

      Smart Image Editor to boost your marketing campaigns.
      Auto-fix faulty images, and transform and repurpose them for different platforms.


      The insights and trends to enable you to make informed business decisions. Measure and monitor your growth. Track the KPIs that matter.

      • Growth trends
      • Audience demographics
      • Post-performance

      Bulk Upload

      Save time, by publishing hundreds of rows of content in one click using our simplified CSV file process.

      Google Drive

      Manage your marketing campaign assets on the go, and gain access to rich media images and videos with our powerful integrations.

      Link Shortener

      Link shortening is a great way to improve campaign efficiency and amplify exposure. With Postly Link Shortener, no more link-shortening headache and you can save time as well as focus on your campaign.

      Manage your marketing campaign assets on the go, and gain access to rich media images and videos with our powerful integrations.

      Thumbnail Image for Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube posts.

      You can set a thumbnail image for Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

      Mobile App

      • Schedule normal and recurring posts
      • Facebook stories and reels
      • Facebook personal profile
      • Instagram creator and personal accounts
      • Publish on the go with the full Postly experience.

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