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Approval Workflow!

For your teams and clients' collaboration

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  • Approval workflow guideApproval workflow guide


    Post approval-workflow is a very important business tool for businesses and agencies. Some of the key benefits of using this feature are listed below:

    1. Enhanced Accountability and Transparency: The workflow tracks who has approved a post, this clear audit trail enhances accountability and transparency in the process.
    2. Easier Collaboration and Communication: The workflow facilitates better communication and collaboration among team members, or with clients. Everyone involved is aware of their responsibilities and the status of the post, which simplifies coordination.

    How it works:


    1. This task is performed on the Workspace Settings tab.
    2. Select an approval process in Workspace Settings that best fits your needs.
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    1. This task is performed on the Team tab.
    2. Add your team members and clients and assign roles as required.
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    1. 1. The approval workflow is a 100% automated process that routes your draft post automatically through some team members who have designated roles for approving the posts.
    2. 2. Email and dashboard messages are available for every approval activity to provide transparency and notifications.
    3. 3. The approver has an option to approve or reject a post, with comments.
    4. 4. Posts on the approval process cannot be edited, rather you must reject the post and make a comment in the space provided, the post goes back to the original editor. You can also delete the post and create a new one if it is already scheduled.
    5. 5. A user will not be able to approve your own post even as an Owner or Admin, the best practice is to set the “Should posts scheduled by Owner roles go through approval” button to OFF. That way, your posts will be scheduled without needing approval.

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