Why AI Content Generators Matter: The Era of AI Writers

A marketing copy that has been carefully produced may serve as an efficient instrument for developing a brand identity and increasing search engine optimization (SEO). Most importantly, it motivates readers to take action, which advances them further along the sales funnel. In recent years, we’ve witnessed how artificial intelligence (AI) has taken on the challenge of automating a wide variety of jobs in a company, with quite spectacular outcomes. In today’s lesson, we are going to investigate how something like this may be used in copywriting.

What exactly is an AI writer?

A technology that is driven by AI and can automatically produce copy based on a set of facts that is provided is known as an AI copywriter. It can create a wide range of different forms of content, from lengthy blog articles to captions for social media.

For instance, you may give the AI the title and structure for a blog post, and it will generate a couple of paragraphs for you that you can then modify further.

Open-source artificial intelligence is used by AI content generators to generate text based on human inputs such as keywords, outlines, and summaries. They can generate several rough versions of social posts, subject lines, product descriptions, and more at warp speed; nonetheless, even their most ardent supporters believe that they are only a supplement to human creativity rather than a replacement for it.


Benefits of Using AI Writers for Great Copy

  1. You’ll no longer have to rack your brains to think up original material from fresh, so you can break out of the creative rut you’ve been stuck in. Instead, you’ll have information at your disposal, which you can build upon and improve.
  2. This is especially beneficial when you have to develop distinct descriptions of items that have a lot of qualities in common with one another.
  3. In addition, AI copywriters may help you get your creative juices flowing by creating everything from blog themes to marketing ideas for you.
  4. Your text will be optimized Not only will they develop material that is tailored for a particular platform, but some AI copywriters also can write copy that contributes to increased SEO.
  5. The Postly product description generator, for example, will take the SEO keywords that you supply and ensure that they are incorporated into the created content while still maintaining a natural-sounding flow of language.

Writing unique content:

The terrible case of writer’s block is something that each of us has faced at some point. When you need to generate content consistently, it is not simple to think of new and inventive ways to write the copy that you will use.

After some time has passed, you may start relying on the same toolbox of strategies or will begin to acquire some blind spots regarding the sector for which you’re writing.

Creating content for each platform quickly:

Writing copy for many platforms at the same time is likely given the nature of the platforms for which you will be writing text. In addition to the criteria that are unique to the platform, such as the character count, you should also adopt best practices that will assist you in optimizing your text for the specific platform.

For instance, several platforms make available a variety of call-to-actions, each of which may affect how you produce your content.


They can speed up the process of writing, which helps small firms and marketing teams meet aggressive deadlines.

How to utilize a content and copywriting generator that is powered by AI?

Indeed, you won’t be writing all of that new stuff by yourself, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting around doing nothing at all. When making use of a content generator, there are a minimum of three steps that need to be taken:

Input minimum data:

Here, you’ll fill out a brief form and tell the AI about the subject of your content, including the desired writing tone and any other pertinent information. In addition, you’ll specify whether you want a product description written in the first or third person.

Pick the most desirable result:

The majority of content-generating software will, in response to your request, produce many different texts for you to choose from. You will then have the ability to pick one or more choices, as well as cut and paste excerpts into a document.

Edit and check your work:

Once you’ve identified the best solution, edit and check it till it satisfies all of your requirements as much as possible. You’ve made it through the terrifying experience of staring at a blank page, and now you’re holding premium content in your hands.

Best AI writers: Alternative to Copy.ai:

Copy.ai was established in 2020, and since that time, it has rapidly risen to the top of the artificial intelligence writing sector by created in public on Twitter.

Even though it is one of the most prominent competitors in the AI copywriting software sector, the majority of users report that the tool makes it difficult to produce long-form material and successfully communicate with other members of a team while working for a large firm.

Postly AI Writer As an Alternative to Copy.ai:

Postly AI writer works for both long and short copies including social media captions, Ads, product descriptions, and high-conversion content.

After you pick a category, you will move on with the intuitive interface of the AI writer.

  1. Product Description Writer:


2. Social Media Copy Generator and Post Idea Generator

3. Digital Ads Copy Writer for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter, and Instagram Ads

4. Longer forms of content to attract more sales such as writing product or service reviews on features & benefits & advantages or problem-solving blogs.

Copy.ai alternative

Copy.ai offers a free plan that may be utilized for low-volume use or for evaluating the functionality of the tool before deciding whether or not to subscribe to the commercial version. Pricing for its premium plans begins at $49 per month and goes up from there.

Postly has a social media scheduling and planning tool, in contrast to CopyAI’s lack of such a feature. After you have created your captions and content using the AI writer tool, you will have the option to either schedule or bulk upload your material or immediately post it.

The greatest part of it is that the Postly solo plan begins at just $9 per month. This plan has a restriction of 10 thousand characters for the AI writer and provides an option for limitless scheduled posts for up to ten accounts.

Boost Social Engagement

Schedule your Posts with Postly and have more time for other things.

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