What Is Twitter Birdwatch Feature and How It Makes Twitter a Better Place?

Twitter is a platform that allows users to communicate their thoughts, opinions, experiences, and other content while also following what other users contribute. On Twitter, one may see a variety of stuff, including the latest news stories. Twitter has become the most common way for individuals to keep up with news both locally and internationally.

Additionally, as the usage of social media has increased, news sources have shifted in response to this shift. Not only can periodicals such as journals, magazines, or newspapers post news on Twitter, but individuals also share stories or information on their own personal Twitter accounts. Twitter is a social networking website.

Because of this, there is an excessive amount of information that is sent about without being validated. Twitter is working to eliminate reports that might potentially mislead its users. As a result, to address this issue, it has introduced a brand new function that is referred to as Birdwatch.

What is Birdwatch about?

Twitter launched its brand-new initiative, which is called Birdwatch. Twitter will become a more dependable area as a result of this change, which is meant to eliminate misleading and fake news. It is also known as that: a new technique to help solve incorrect information that is shared on Twitter that is driven by the community.

In order to test the application, a pilot version that was utilized by 10,000 people was created. By making notes and ratings on the tweets, they have added to the context of the tweets. However, not every user has the ability to put notes on tweets or rate them, therefore this functionality is not available to everyone who uses Twitter.

People who are able to post entries on Tweets through Birdwatch may or may not have high profiles. Despite this, there is a prerequisite to fulfill to be granted access to the Birdwatch function and be able to make adjustments.

Is Twitter Birdwatch available to everyone?

During the first phase of Birdwatch, the notes themselves are only viewable on a third-party website in addition to Twitter, which serves as the Birdwatch site. On the Birdwatch website, contributors can evaluate the value of the notes that have been submitted by other testers who have contributed. It has been said that the notes would not influence the way in which users see Tweets or the recommendations that are shown to them.

Twitter has spoken with some of its users via conducting interviews. According to the results of these interviews, the majority of people like this new feature primarily due to the fact that the notes are made by the people themselves as opposed to a central executive party. In other words, what Twitter intends to construct by using Birdwatch and what the users like are overlapping, which is a communal contribution to the upkeep of Twitter as a dependable platform. It has been stated that all data pertaining to Birdwatch would be made available to the public. As a consequence of this, it is desired to make Birdwatch accessible to other parties for the purposes of monitoring and auditing. 

How exactly does one use the Birdwatch?

Birdwatch enables some actions that may be done by Twitter users, although these actions are not currently available to all Twitter users. These actions allow Twitter users to identify Tweets as containing inaccurate information and make notes that help explain the context of Tweets.

Twitter’s mission is to eliminate as quickly as possible the spread of incorrect material across the platform. While this is going on, providing Twitter users with a trustworthy environment by providing context is of the utmost importance.

Therefore, it is easy to see the rationale behind Twitter introducing such a function. In the final instance, assessments based on a consensus are preferred from the many inputs that individuals make, and helpful remarks may be shown to every user on Tweets.

  • Notes, ratings, and the Birdwatch website make up the three primary components that makeup Birdwatch.


Users who wish to contribute to Birdwatch can put notes on Tweets that they believe to contain incorrect information if they have a Birdwatch account. In the notes section, there are fill-in-the-blank spaces where you may comment on the reasons why some Tweets are deceptive, as well as multiple-choice questions and links to navigate the sources.

The first thing you need to do is go to the Tweets section, click on the three dots (…), and then choose the option to “Contribute To Birdwatch.”

  1. To create a Birdwatch note, you will need to click on the three dots.
  2. The second step is a general review of the Birdwatch criteria.
  3. The next step is to choose an answer for each of the multiple-choice questions.
  4. In the fourth step, you will be able to describe in the text box why you believe the Tweet includes deceptive information or does not contain such information. Make an effort to provide sources.
  5. You will now be able to submit the notes that you have entered to the Birdwatch site so that they may be examined by the other contributors.
  6. If your addition is deemed to be useful, it will be included in the context of the Tweet. In addition, if you change your mind about keeping your notes on Tweets, you may erase them by clicking the button that looks like three dots (…).

All contributors are given the ability to rate other notes that have been posted by other users. The usefulness of the notes may be determined based on whether or not they have received a rating of five stars. As a consequence, it increases the dependability of tweets.

Birdwatch is committed to ensuring that the notes and ratings are handled by individuals with a variety of points of view. This is one of the most important elements that Birdwatch supports. In other words, the number of people who assess the helpfulness of the notes is essential, but what truly matters on Birdwatch is the variety of opinions that are presented.

  • The total number of ratings may be broken down into the three categories of Helpful, Not Helpful, and Somewhat Helpful respectively.

Writing comments, notes, or reports on Tweets that are misleading while using open Twitter accounts may not be the best way to maintain your anonymity. In addition, the current circumstance may discourage potential donors from becoming active in Birdwatch.

As a consequence of this, there is an option to feel less tense while writing remarks and evaluating those contributed by others. Contributors to Birdwatch who utilize Birdwatch Aliases may avoid having their Twitter identities publicly displayed.

There are five possibilities available for you to choose as aliases, and once you do so, you cannot change your mind.

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    Here you have the information on the latest Twitter feature Birdwatch and a couple of pro-Twitter management tips to act like a pro!


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