There is a range of SEO services that must be done in order to increase the number of visitors to a website. These SEO services are of a high standard of quality. We should not forget that on-site SEO assessments are quite important in overall SEO activities. On-site SEO is quite important in order to ensure that the site is SEO-compatible with all extent. But how?

#1: Using different title tags

The title tag specifies the title of the page on which it appears. This is essential for two reasons: it helps visitors understand what your website is about, and it makes it simpler for search engines to locate your site. Users will locate your website more easily if they search in this terminology. Page title tags are shown in the browser’s toolbar, in the titles of sites that have been saved to the favorites, and in the titles of search engine results pages, among other places.

#2: Using different description tags.

The description that you provide for your product pages may comprise brief paragraphs that describe your business or products, while also include keywords. You should make certain that each of your pages has a distinct “description” tag. This is because the description tag is a variable that attracts the attention of search engines for indexing.

#3: Writing product and category names based on search criteria.

Another must-have for On-Site SEO is writing product and category names shown on the page under the user’s search intent. In ahead, determine how people will search for the things on your website and design your website to accommodate their needs. Also, consider the tastes of your target audience. For example, if you sell clothes, your category name should not be “woman,” but “women’s clothing.”

#4: Product images that are SEO-friendly

Structure the product photographs you add to your website under search engine optimization rules in order to rank top in visual searches. When uploading photographs to your website, don’t forget to include visual tags such as “alt-tag, title, and description.” Preparation of an image-sitemap would make it favorable for your website to appear at the top of the visual results.

#5: Correctly Linking Anchor Texts

An anchor text is a text link that links viewers to another web page. With that, you may use text anchor tags to direct consumers between different product pages. In this way, the circulation of visitors within the site will rise, therefore increasing the worth of your page in terms of SEO quality. 

#6: Using Headings (H1-H2-H3) Tags

It is functional from the standpoint of both search engines and the end user. While the H1 tag is used to denote the topic, service or product, H2 and H2 can be sub-sections. It is quite beneficial in terms of search engine optimization. Using an alternative title in the H2 heading on the product pages would also be beneficial, since it would allow users to scan for the product more quickly. 

On-site search and Google Analytics 

Google Analytics provides a tracking mechanism that allows for monitoring search activity that takes place on the site. For behavioral reports, it provides information that assists webmasters and marketers in better understanding how people are looking for and accessing material on the website. It is necessary to activate this function in order to have access to the on-site search report.

This function assists Google Analytics in understanding how the searches are conducted and distinguishing them from other websites that use the same search terms. With this feature, you will view the “Behavior – Site Search” to better understand your users and improve on-site SEO performance.

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