Twitter Publishing

Set up your own Twitter API Key

Quality Audience

Publishing on Twitter can help you grow your audience, promote your products, drive traffic to your website, and more.

Tweets & Threads

Postly automatically generates Twitter Threads for you. You should create your Twitter posts the same way as you create other posts and use the Preview tab to view and edit before publishing.

Publish smart Polls

You can publish polls on Twitter as an easy way to interact with your audience and get their opinion about topical issues.

Sign up to Twitter Developer Account

Before you can use Postly with Twitter you must do the following:

1. Activate your Free Plan

Once you are done signing up, you should be able to view your plan.

  • The Twitter Free plan allows you to publish 1,500 tweets monthly.
  • If, however, you want to view your Twitter Analytics, you would have to upgrade to the Twitter Basic Plan and pay a $100 per month fee to Twitter.

You can read more about the Twitter plans here:

2. Set up your Project

Twitter Developers 2023-04-14 11-57-56

3. Create and set up/edit your App

Twitter Developers 2023-04-14 12-01-27
Twitter Developers 2023-04-14 12-02-59
Twitter Developers 2023-04-14 12-08-22

Please note carefully:

4. Grab your Client ID and Client Secret

These, especially your Client secret is very important and must not be disclosed to the public.

  • Copy both out and save in your password manager.
  • If exposed, generate a new Secret.
Twitter Developers 2023-04-14 12-28-30

5. Connect your Twitter Account on Postly

Go to the Platforms page on the Postly dashboard.

  • Click on the Twitter card to connect it.
    If your Twitter account is already connected, Disconnect & revoke and reconnect.
  • Make sure to input your Client ID and the Client Secret to connect your Twitter account.
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