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The most difficult aspects of digital marketing are creating social media posts, scheduling, designing creative content, and literally trying to drive the entire conversation online.

Often, it is just one or two persons trying to pull this stunt, in addition to several other responsibilities and commitments. Then comes Postly – the one tool that changes your entire digital marketing game.

Postly is your one opportunity to cut down your social media time, while upping your digital marketing game at the same time.

Postly is that all-in-one social media management tool that helps you with content generation, creative design, scheduling posts, and driving lots of social conversations that lead to conversions.

Postly integrates marketing tools and features like the AI Writer, AI Art, Image Editor, Video Editor, Link Shortener and Bulk Uploader, so that you do not need to have multiple tabs open just to get the job done.

The in-built AI Writer can generate Marketing copies for you 10 times faster for product descriptions, social media content, digital ads and high converting sales funnels.

One feature that many still consider being a strong value offer from Postly is the One-Click publishing, which allows users to post on multiple social media platforms with a single click. By linking accounts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Google My Business and even Reddit and Telegram groups to a single Postly dashboard, a user can post and manage all accounts from a single dashboard.

It also allows for team collaboration on tasks. You can add as many team members and clients in separate dedicated Workspaces as you need, for free. Your team members as well as your clients will review and approve posts before publishing The possibilities are endless, and the experience is seamless.

For entrepreneurs managing businesses (of different sizes), this single tool will not only boost your online presence, it will also raise your brand recognition and increase conversions.

Postly is very affordable, and has very generous offers, even on the least package. Whether you are comparing the price to the value offer, or to other social media marketing tools, Postly’s pricing is a steal deal.

Founded by Paul Onu, a marketing professional with close to two decades of experience, Postly has surpassed its first-year objectives, acquiring almost 20,000 business and agency users across over 100 countries in just 12 months of operation. Paul has a leveraged wealth of experience in Marketing Strategy, Product Development, and Management, Product Marketing, Content, Email, and SEO marketing to bear in this singular product. Postly’s growth is an obvious case of a goldfish that has no hiding place.

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