As a business owner, the first way people can take you seriously is when you have a social media page. It’s not just about people taking you seriously, but putting your business in front of everyone.

Having and building a brand on Instagram takes effort and consistency. You can post all you want, but if you don’t create content that resonates with your audience, you are wasting your time. We understand that growing on social media is not easy, but we have some tips that would help you find your tribe on social media especially on Instagram and that will help the tribe that you have found stay.

At Postly, it is our duty to come through with tips that would accelerate your growth on social media. That’s why we’ve decided to give you 5 tips that will help you level up your Instagram.

Be relatable

Every day is not technical content. Your audience are not robots, they are everyday people and they need content they can relate with. Content that represents the struggles of an everyday person, not content they have to bring an encyclopedia to understand. Relatable brands always do well. So, no matter how much you spend on giveaways or promoting your content if you are not relatable, your content will continually bore your audience. You want people to find your page on Instagram and stay so make that happen by creating relatable content.

Be trendy

Let’s not deceive ourselves that we don’t like fine things. Everyone does and it’s even nicer when we see a beautiful piece of content that we can relate to. Put in effort in your graphics, do it the right way. Don’t put up anything you like on your page. Instagram is built to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s the app for you to be at your best. You’d notice that people post flawless pictures on Instagram. We are not saying you should try to be what you are not, but put in effort into making your brand look trendy on Instagram. Apps like Canva makes this easier, but if you can’t do this yourself, pay someone to take care of your graphics.

Be flexible

While we encourage you to be trendy, we also want you to be flexible. Don’t be so hell-bent on making sure your brand is aesthetically-pleasing that you miss on important things. Sometimes, post memes, other times, look for what is trending and if it aligns with your brand, jump on it. Last week, Weetabix trended for their horrible food combination. It was satisfying to see how brands jumped on it without losing their value. Yes, get a feed that people love, but don’t forget to be flexible. Don’t say because your feed has a particular format, you won’t lend your voice on social media to events happening because it will ruin your feed. What you will ruin is your brand, not your feed.

Be entertaining

In the last subtopic, we talked about how important it is to be flexible. Another way you can level up your brand on Instagram is to be entertaining. We love it when we see social media having fun. One notable brand is Netflix, we love the way the handlers have fun while not forgetting to create content that people love. Be entertaining. Like we stated earlier, you don’t have to be technical all the time. Loosen up a little.

Be insightful

This is one of the most important ways in which you can level up your brand on social media. If your brand is filled with aesthetically-pleasing content that reminds us to buy what you are selling all the time, people won’t stay. More than buying what you are selling, what do we have to gain from your brand? That’s where being insightful comes in. create content that educates your audience while also trying to push your brand.

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two from this post. Follow us on social media @usepostly for more insightful tips. 

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