How to create Instagram Sales Funnel: Tips for Instagram Leads

You can discover your target audience on social media, no matter what your company represents. The only problem is that, once your brand account is fully operational, there is no obvious method to direct visitors back to your website. Understanding the significance of your Instagram sales funnel is essential for boosting traffic and increasing revenue on the social media platform. Instagram is the perfect platform to use if you want to sell things directly to customers or increase the visibility of your company.

Here’s how you design an Instagram sales funnel to attract more clients.


1.     To grab attention, provide an incredible Lead Magnet:

If you want to get email addresses as leads, you may give them anything for free in return for their email address. It may be anything that a potential consumer can either download to their device or gain access to over the internet, such as:

  • An ebook.
  • A course delivered by email.
  • A video course
  • A cheat sheet.
  • Or many more

What important in this case is that the lead magnet offers something of value to the potential client. But what exactly does this mean?

It implies that the lead magnet should provide a solution to a problem that the potential client is experiencing and that the problem is connected to the products or services that you are offering.

That is why you must treat your lead magnet as if it were a product rather than a freebie that will be discarded after a short period.

2.     Create a landing page for the lead magnet.

When you are selling your lead magnet, you must treat it as if it were a product as well.

This may appear to be perplexing. Do you want to sell a freebie? In order to get the consumer to agree to provide you their email address in return for the lead magnet, you must “sell” them on the notion. And it is for this reason that you should design a landing page.

When it comes to creating a successful sales funnel, landing pages are critical components of the process. You might think of them as landing pages that have only one goal: to compel the consumer to perform the action you want them to take. In this scenario, the goal is to persuade them to provide you with their email address.

However, it should contain a title that communicates the primary value of your lead magnet to the reader. And include a call to action, a statement that instructs a potential customer on what to do next.

3.     Incorporate a call-to-action (CTA) into your bio to bring people to your website:

There aren’t many areas on Instagram where you may include more text. As a result, you should take advantage of the available space, such as your bio, to include words and hyperlinks. Make use of this area to include a call-to-action that sends followers back to your website.

4.     Increase the size of your email list by using Instagram Stories:

Nothing more than a simple call to action to urge them to join your mailing list and a link to a landing page would suffice. The Swipe Up function makes it simple to accomplish this.

You don’t have to have 10,000 followers necessary to enable the Swipe Up function anymore, you can still add links to your posts and change the link description to describe what the link is about.

5.     Ask people tagging your account:

User-generated material might be a simple way to increase the exposure of your company. UGC is a simple method for you to communicate with your followers while also increasing your overall visibility on social media platforms.

A quick and simple approach to accomplish this is to develop a common hashtag that encourages consumers to submit images of your items with their friends and followers.

Example: When a consumer receives a product, whether it is a real or digital one, they should be given a clear call to action, such as snapping a photo of it and sharing it on Instagram with your company’s hashtag, to express their opinion. Then you should share the image on your own Instagram page to show your support.

In this way, you demonstrate to your followers that other people trust you and buy from you. Social proof is important in business.

6.     Alternative: You may sell directly from an Instagram account

Shoppable Instagram posts allow users to purchase things directly from the Instagram platform. You can transform any Instagram post into a buyable one.

Users would never have to leave the Instagram app to visit an external website since e-commerce merchants will be able to sell directly to purchasers within the app.

7.     Learn about and put into practice the Instagram Content Funnel:

Posting to attract attention means that you are introducing your goods or service to a new audience or reminding existing customers about the offering. How? The caption will be more enticing if it includes an eye-catching image, header, and initial sentence/paragraph.

Attention Posts:

This is an introductory post. Inform your readers about your organization or business. Some examples include:

  • Information about your firm or product. You may even incorporate a small amount of gamification into this by asking your followers which facts are real and which are incorrect.
  • Your reaction or point of view on current events.
  • Post that addresses a specific issue that your target audience is experiencing.

Interest Posts:

This post is intended to capture the maximum amount of attention possible from your readers. Explain how your brand or company differs from your competition and how you are superior to them in this section of the website. But, even when you talk about yourself, you should keep your attention on your clients. Include some fresh information and features that your audience hasn’t heard before that you’ve learned.

Ideas for posts of interest include:

  • Success stories. People enjoy reading about other people’s successes and being encouraged by them.
  • Your company’s backstage and behind-the-scenes areas or some statistics.

Engagement Posts

Ideas for engagement posts include life hacks, how-to instructions, and video tutorials.

  • Secrets, thoughts, and practical hints
  • How-To posts.
  • Polls and quizzes are available.
  • Contests, games, challenges

Desire Posts:

At this point, you have persuaded the client to choose you over the competition. You compel them to purchase from you. You substantiate the already-formed notion about your company’s brand by presenting facts.

The goal here is to demonstrate that your product or service is a viable solution to the client’s experienced difficulties.

  • Social proof: Reviews, user-generated content, and before-and-after articles are all welcome.
  • Certificates and prizes you’ve received, as well as involvement in industry events
  • Dispelling the concerns and doubts of clients.
  • Information about the purchase procedure, including how to buy, how to pay, and shipping methods, is provided.

Action Posts:

In such posts, you describe the most significant elements of the product as advantages, and after the caption, you provide a clear call to action.

Before you begin writing an article, you should consider the following questions: What problems does your product resolve for customers? What will be the impact of this product on a customer’s life? What distinguishes your product from the competition for your target market? What are their apprehensions and reservations about the purchase?

Pro tip: You may use emojis to separate your caption into understandable words and to draw attention to your CTA, which can be anything like BUY, RESERVE, or CLICK. Postly allows you to include emojis in your social media posts before they are published or scheduled for publication.


Instagram is much more than simply a social networking site. It is an effective platform for attracting customers, increasing sales success, and building brand loyalty. Start working on your profile today!

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