Content creation is a full-time job thanks to social media. People now make a living off these social media platforms and non-conventional jobs like being a social media manager, social media content creator and even a social media influencer are now a thing.

One of the major disadvantages of this non-conventional lifestyle is burnout. The need to keep up with trends by posting consistently is enough reason to experience job burnout and get tired of your job. We spoke with several content creators who make a living from creating content either as an influencer or social media manager and their replies were similar, they needed a way to have a stress-free life.

In this article, we have listed ways in which you can have a stress-free life.

Take some time off social media

You might not know how draining social media is until it’s your job. Being online every day without taking a break can take a toll on you. There are a bunch of triggering pieces of content on the web and if you get triggered easily, being on social media consistently can drive you crazy. Take a break once in a while. We understand that it’s your job, but jobs have vacation and it’s meant to be utilized.

Unfollow people who stress your mental health

We are sure you’ve seen posts on social media that make you question the sanity of people. You want to know who told these people that it is a great idea to post something as horrible as that. It might be on abusive or any other triggering topic, it might even be on politics. If you come across an account that is killing you regarding posting things that stress your mental health, it might be time to use the block button. Protect yourself and your space from things that stress you out.

Don’t use your phone first thing in the morning

Your phone should not be the first thing you pick up in the morning. From our research, it is clear how much of an addiction that can be. Not using your phone, first thing in the morning puts you in the right mood for work and gets you prepared for the task ahead. Instead of grabbing your phone first thing in the morning, read a book, meditate, work out, pray if you believe in prayers.

Don’t let your phone be the last thing you pick before you go to bed

If your phone is the first thing you pick up in the morning and the last thing you make use of at night, how do you intend to have a stress-free life? It’s almost impossible. Find other night activities. Drop your phone at least 30 minutes or one hour before you go to bed. You can read a book, meditate, do your skincare/self-care, listen to words of affirmation, do something different that doesn’t involve working on your phone all day long. It always puts you in the right mood for sleep the next day. Also, whatever you do, try to get 7-8 hours of sleep. adults thrive on 7-8 hours of sleep and we are here to remind you that there is no trophy attached to an adult who gets 2-3 hours of sleep because it’s not healthy.

Batch create and schedule your posts

Thanks to technology, tools for scheduling your posts are available now. You can batch create, schedule and upload on the scheduling software. That way, even when you want to take a break, you don’t have to be worried about creating content. For us, we’d say sometimes, you take some time off without scheduling posts, but we understand that this might be your job and you might have sponsored posts that need to go up in your absence. 

This is where scheduling software comes to play. With software like Postly, life is easier. You don’t have to be worried about your brand when you take a break as Postly serves as your social media manager by uploading your posts at the scheduled time giving you time to rest.


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