It’s one thing posting on social media and another to get zero engagements. Have you noticed that most pages that have thousands of followers cannot convert them to engagement? While not everyone following you will engage with your content, there are certain things that you can do to increase your social media engagement, even if it’s by 1%.

We love social media, which is why we at Twoogle have decided to create content that will increase your engagement on social media. That you are scheduling your social media posts doesn’t mean that your engagement should go down the drain. How do you increase your engagement on social media?

Your page is too salesy.

Money is important, and it has to be made, but if you are always advertising on your page and giving zero insightful content, how do you want to get engagement on your page. We are not saying you should scrap posting your product or services or your page, but if you post seven times in a week and only post about how we can patronize you, people get bored.

You don’t make use of the tools available to you.

Thanks to social media apps for always giving us new features. Instagram has reels, and Twitter has fleets now. Asides from that, there are other social media tools for you, but most times, you don’t make use of them. On IG stories alone, studies show that using the features increased engagement for the brands that decided to try it out. If you are posting on your feed alone, there’s a high chance you won’t get many engagements. Make use of question stickers, quizzes, polls, and even fleets.

You don’t reply to your comments.

Replying to your comments is a way of engaging with your audience. It’s a great way to get engagement and build a relationship with your audience. If you are fond of leaving your comments unattended, you might be losing businesses and followers too.

You use your official handle to be nasty.

If you want to involve yourself in scandal or social media controversies, don’t make use of your business page. We’ve studied some pages, and we noticed this trend. If you have controversial opinions, you either keep them to yourself or make use of a page we don’t know about. People will unfollow you, and you’d lose engagement if you don’t stop being nasty on social media.

You don’t engage with others.

We are not implying that follow for follow is a good thing; we frown at that because it will hurt your engagement. However, if you follow people, especially in related niches, you might want to leave thoughtful comments on their page. Doing this consistently will bring you an audience that genuinely cares about your brand. You can also look out for pages that need the kind of services you offer. For instance, if we follow a social media influencer who is complaining about job burnout, we can leave a thoughtful comment and tell the influencer, “we are a social media scheduling app, and we can help you stay consistent on social media.” This comment will come in when we are done leaving a thoughtful comment, which helps get engagement. Look out for those who might be interested in your services and follow them.

You do not create valuable content.

We promised 5, but what harm would 6 do? Another reason your engagement might be going down is you don’t create valuable content. Nobody likes sales in the face every day, be creative. Learn how to create content that will be beneficial to your audience, and with that, you can convert your engaging audience to a purchasing audience.

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