10 Alternatives to Hootsuite That Will Make Your Job 10 Times Easier

It’s crazy to think, but the world of social media has changed so much in the past few years. Choices have expanded, and barriers have fallen. Personally, this makes me happy, as it means we’re all learning (and, even more than that, growing) from our mistakes.

The social media landscape keeps changing, and if there’s anything every social media manager anywhere in the world must know how to do, it stays on top of the trends so that they can continue to provide the best service possible.

Over the years, Hootsuite has been a game-changing tool that has played a very big part in the evolution of social media management by allowing users to manage a plethora of social media accounts, business pages, and profiles all from a single dashboard.

If Hootsuite Is Great, Why Consider Alternatives?

While Hootsuite is a great social media management tool, it may not be the best fit for everyone’s needs. Some reasons why someone might consider alternative tools include:

  • Cost: Hootsuite can be expensive for those who need more advanced features, so they might look for more affordable options.
  • Features: Different social media management tools have different sets of features, so someone might look for a tool with specific capabilities that Hootsuite doesn’t offer.
  • Integration: Some people may prefer a different tool if they need better integration with other apps they use regularly.
  • User experience: Hootsuite’s user interface and user experience may not be ideal for everyone, so someone might look for a tool that is easier to use or has a more intuitive interface.

Ultimately, the decision to use Hootsuite or an alternative tool depends on individual needs, preferences, and budget.

Who can really blame us for including Postly first on this list? I mean, Postly is an all-in-one tool that meets everything you need to run your social media on autopilot for a budget-friendly price! It’s a one-of-a-kind “all-action” social media management tool, and it’s been described as “the most complete and easy-to-use package for a multi-social media post manager I have ever worked with” (include a link to the review page). High praise like this has ensured Postly remains the number-one alternative to Hootsuite.

With Postly, you can;

  • Publish to the best social platforms: Postly lets you connect to more than ten social media sites plus your Google My Business profile. This makes sure that your business has a great presence wherever your target audience may be located.
  • Connect 100s of channels with a few clicks: With the click of a button, you can connect all your channels to your Postly dashboard and use the many features to effortlessly coordinate your team.
  • Write once, publish everywhere: With Postly, you have the power to maintain a birds eye view over every of your social media accounts from the comfort of your dashboard. You can schedule, publish your post, and monitor your posts across your social channels without breaking a sweat.
  • Unlimited posts: There’s no limitations on the number of posts you can post with Postly.
  • Team collaboration and post-approval process: Probably one of the best things about Postly is its collaborative features. Built for agencies and small businesses with the intention of creating a seamless synergy in the day-to-day operations of the social media department. The post approval feature means that you can create a two-tier workflow system that allows your team or clients to review and approve posts before they’re published.
  • Postly AI to generate quality content: When you’re running out of content ideas, your team can always rely on Postly AI to generate quality content tailored towards your niche and target audience.
  • Analytics: Track and monitor your posts to see how well they’re performing. With some advanced analytics on Postly, you can make measured and accurate decisions about what posts work best for your audience.

Postly vs Hootsuite

Here’s how Postly and Hootsuite compare when put side by side.

Pricing: The first clear advantage Postly has over Hootsuite is in pricing, with Postly’s basic plan costing $19 per month versus $99 per month for Hootsuite. Postly’s agency package is $499 per month and includes unlimited workspaces, unlimited scheduled posts, unlimited social accounts, and an unlimited number of team members that may be added to an account; also, you get 75k AI words every month. In comparison, Hootsuite’s agency plan costs $739 and falls far short of what Postly provides.

Customer Support: Postly provides free 24/7 prompt support to all customers, regardless of the plan you’re on (because, duh, customer service should be free). You can always reach the Postly help desk via calls, live chat, email, a contact form, and social media. On the other hand, Hootsuite charges a certain amount for immediate assistance or if you want your case treated as a priority.

Smaller Learning Curve: Postly makes it easy for users to start scheduling and posting right away, with less time and effort, and to get results faster.

Hootsuite’s steeper learning curve, on the other hand, makes it more difficult for users to get started since they may need to devote more time and effort to understanding the platform and its capabilities.

Agency Friendly: Postly is widely heralded for its agency-friendly approach as it allows users to integrate popular marketing and collaboration tools such as Google Drive, Slack, Canva, etc. to effectively manage your team and clients. A user-friendly interface and robust analytics capabilities help track performance and improve strategy.

Publer, often known as the “superhero social media tool,” is a fantastic social media management platform with features that rival any on the market. Its fun and comic superhero character isn’t a gimmick, as they continue to deliver a great product time and time again. Publer has everything you need for the major social media platforms, such as publishing, scheduling, collaboration and analytics. 

Publer has a free plan and its customizable tiered pricing starts from $12 per month.

What you get for $12 per month;

  • Connect 3 social accounts (customizable)
  • Unlimited scheduling and drafts
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Automatic RSS posting
  • Bulk scheduling

All of these makes it a great tool of choice for small businesses and freelancers.

Buffer helps businesses and individuals manage their social media presence effectively and efficiently. Buffer has a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to schedule, publish, and track their social media content on various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Here are some key benefits of using Buffer.

  1. Analytics: Buffer provides you with detailed analytics for each of your social media accounts, so you can see what’s working and what’s not, and make informed decisions about your content strategy.
  2. Optimal posting times: Buffer’s analytics can help you determine the best times to post on each of your social media accounts, so you can reach your audience when they’re most active.

Buffer has a free plan and its customizable tiered pricing starts from $5 per month per channel.

What you get for $5 per month;

  1. One user
  2. 2000 scheduled post per channel
  3. Analytics, insights and reporting
  4. Third Party integrations

Buffer is a great choice for freelancers and small business owners who are not particularly interested in team management features.

SocialPilot makes it easy for businesses to navigate through the complexities and time consuming process of managing their social media. SocialPilot integrates with other communication and marketing tools to allow you the ease of streamlining your social media management process. 

Benefits of using SocialPilot;

  1. Time-saving: By automating the scheduling and publishing of content, SocialPilot helps businesses save time and streamline their social media management processes.

  2. Cross-platform management: SocialPilot allows businesses to manage multiple social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, from a single platform, reducing the need to switch between multiple tools.

Socialpilot tiered pricing plan starts from $25 per month

What you get for $25 per month;

  1. Connect 10 social media accounts
  2. Bulk scheduling
  3. Social media analytics
  4. Third party integrations

AgoraPulse is another social media management tool that covers some other important aspects of social media marketing. With AgoraPulse, users can easily schedule posts, track engagement, and respond to messages and comments in real-time, all from one place. Additionally, its analytics and reporting features help users understand their social media performance and identify opportunities for improvement, which is crucial for building a successful social media strategy.

Benefits of using AgoraPulse;

  1. Social media advertising: AgoraPulse provides a platform for managing social media advertising campaigns, including targeting, budgeting, and performance tracking.
  2. Real-time monitoring: AgoraPulse provides real-time monitoring of social media mentions, messages, and comments, allowing users to respond quickly and increase engagement.

AgoraPulse tiered pricing plan starts from $49 per month

What you get for $49 per month;

  1.  Unified Publishing Calendar
  2. Unlimited posts
  3. Custom Report date range
  4. Basic Social Media ROI

Loomly is another great alternative to Hootsuite. It provides a suite of features for managing social media accounts and campaigns. It helps businesses and individuals plan, create, and publish content on various social media platforms, as well as monitor and analyze the results of their efforts.

Benefits of using Loomly;

  1. Collaboration: Loomly makes it easy to collaborate with your team by allowing multiple users to access the platform and review, approve or suggest changes to your content.
  2. Integration with other tools: Loomly integrates with other tools and platforms, such as Google Analytics, to provide you with a complete picture of your social media performance.

Loomly tiered pricing plan starts from $26 per month

What you get for $26 per month;

  1. 2 users 
  2. Hashtag suggestions
  3. Post Analytics
  4. 10 Social Accounts

Later initially started out as an instagram-only social media management tool and has since grown to become a reliable alternative to Hootsuite. Later is a social media management tool that gives you the best of social media marketing and sales in order to help your business understand what works and gives you unique suggestions to optimize your social strategy.

Benefits of using Later;

  1. Visual content planning: Later provides a visual calendar for planning and organizing visual content, allowing users to schedule content in advance and visualize their social media strategy.
  2. Hashtag suggestions: Later provides suggestions for hashtags to use in social media posts, helping users increase the reach and visibility of their content.

Later tiered pricing plan starts from $18 per month

What you get for $18 per month;

  1. 30 posts per social profile
  2. Limited analytics (up to 3 months of data)
  3. Customizable Linkin.bio page
  4. Collab tools for creators

8. Zoho Social 

Zoho Social is a comprehensive social media management tool that helps businesses and individuals plan, publish, and analyze their social media presence. It provides a platform for managing multiple social media accounts, including popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Benefits of using Zoho Social;

  1. Customer relationship management (CRM): Zoho Social integrates with Zoho CRM, allowing users to track and manage customer interactions across multiple channels, including social media.
  2. Real-time monitoring: Zoho Social provides real-time monitoring of social media mentions, messages, and comments, allowing users to respond quickly and increase engagement.

Zoho Social tiered pricing plan starts from $10 per month

What you get for $18 per month;

  1. One social channel
  2. One Team Member
  3. Multi-channel publishing
  4. User tagging
  5. Content scheduling

If you find yourself needing a change from Hootsuite, then Sendible is another great alternative. Sendible helps you turn hours into minutes when managing your social media. Sendible offers collaboration tools and integration with a variety of platforms and white label options for agencies. 

Benefits of using Sendible;

  1. Efficient management of multiple social media accounts and platforms from one central dashboard.
  2. Time saving automation features such as post scheduling, content curation, and automated RSS feeds.
  3. Collaborative features that allows team members to work together on social media projects 
  4. White-labeling options that enable agencies to brand the platform as their own

Sendible tiered pricing plan starts from $29 per month

What you get for $29 per month;

  1. One user
  2. 6 social profiles
  3. Unlimited scheduling
  4. Planning & content ideas

10. Pallyy

Pallyy is one of the best budget alternatives to Hootsuite. Pallyy covers scheduling, analytics, and reporting and comes complete with a social inbox. If you’re prioritizing a tool that offers limited social media management tools on the smallest of budgets, then Pallyy is a great option. Pallyy’s sleek user interface is based on assisting users in navigating the platform with ease and minimal stress. The Pallyy team is constantly rolling out new updates to make sure it’s compatible with the latest features and updates across the web.

Benefits of using Pallyy;

  1. Pallyy allows you to manage multiple accounts from one platform. You can connect with your clients and customers by managing their accounts in one platform. This feature is especially useful for small businesses who have more than one account to manage.
  2. Manage all of your social media conversations in one inbox. Pallyy has one of the best social inbox features. You can organize, reply and manage all your conversations with ease. It’s like gmail for your socials.

Pallyy tiered pricing plan starts from $15 per month

  1. One user
  2. Custom Analytics Reports
  3. Unlimited Scheduled Posts
  4. Bulk Scheduling

Ready To Make A Choice?

With all things considered, there’s no shortage of social media management tools to cater to your needs as an individual or as an agency. Your choice should be deeply rooted in your budget and efficiency, both of which Postly significantly excels at.

Sign up for the Postly 14-day free trial and immerse yourself in everything Postly has to offer with no limitations.

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